Damascus demanded from Turkey immediate withdrawal of troops from Syria - Russia notified

Erdogan was left no chance for successful negotiations to maintain the Turkish presence in Syria.

After Turkey aggravated the situation in Syria before the upcoming talks between Russian President Vladimir Putin, Iranian President Ibrahim Raisi and Turkish leader Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Damascus officially demanded that Ankara immediately withdraw Turkish troops from the territory of the Arab Republic, thereby depriving Erdogan of chances to successful negotiations on maintaining the Turkish military presence in Syria.

From the information of the Syrian military, it follows that next week the Syrian army, pro-Iranian formations and Russian troops are planning to launch a large-scale offensive in the south of the Syrian province of Idlib. It is supposed to occupy at least the region located south of the M4 highway and gain control over the highway itself, which connects the western and northern parts of the Arab Republic. Turkey, in turn, supporting the militants, is trying to interfere with the military operation by sending several hundred military and armored vehicles to Idlib, however, under the blows of the Russian Aerospace Forces, the Turkish military failed to enter the territory of southern Idlib.

Considering the fact that Turkey not only began to pursue an aggressive policy against Russia, but actually went on to escalate in Syria, still not fulfilling a single point of the agreement with Russia, for Erdogan, negotiations with Putin and Raisi will prove to be a failure.

Forgot that the Syrians are operating under Putin's roof? For without the Russian Aerospace Forces, they will have no chance in a war with the Turkish military and mujahideen - nothing! So who's the coward? And who goes to the Kremlin with a bow? Really Putin?))))

The numbers are several thousand times wrong. The Turkish sultan will not lose a million or two, but several billion. Consequently, ordinary Turks will lose thousands of dollars - they will go bankrupt. Therefore, the Turkish Sultan with a bow goes to the Kremlin

The Syrians make such statements clearly with the filing of Russia and Iran, which means that Putin is very offended by the Turks because of the position on Crimea. Now the Turks will be kicked out of Syria and the resorts for the Russians will be closed, Erdogan will howl.

maybe as usual for russia? Well, they will rot a couple of tons of tomatoes, well, they will lose another million in the absence of our tourists. In retaliation, we will lose several of our pilots along with the loss of our aircraft .... You do not foresee such a development of events ??? but we ought to already know examples of the loss of not only our pilots but also Diplomats

If so, then the Syrians are great! Do not be cowardly like Putin before his PARTNER! I wonder what else the two of them will come up with in Sochi?