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Denmark: we cannot afford to shoot down Russian planes like Turkey

Denmark said that they could not afford to shoot down Russian intruder planes.

Against the backdrop of several accusations from Denmark that Russian military aircraft illegally invaded the country's airspace, Denmark announced that so far they cannot afford to fight Russian aircraft using Erdogan's methods. According to the Berlingske journalists, Denmark has ways to combat Russian aircraft, however, the kingdom cannot afford to act in the same way as Turkey did (the destruction of the Russian Su-24 is meant).

“Such actions of Russia do not demonstrate respect for international rules. But does this mean that there is no point in banging my fist on the table and protesting? Of course not. This behavior is unacceptable and should not be repeated. It would be cowardice not to tell the Russians this. Turkey shot down a Russian fighter jet that ended up in Turkish airspace. But this, of course, is a very daring step. In the case of Denmark, such a reaction would be excessive, as long as Russian fighters do not look like a threat. ", - said in the material of the publication "Berlingske".

In turn, the Russian side rejects any accusations from Denmark, especially since no evidence of the violation of the airspace of this European country has yet been presented. This does not exclude the possibility that this is only a provocation in order to present Russia as an aggressor.

SURROUNDED RUSSIA with NATO bases and all sorts of "exercises", they are making claims, and it is obvious that Denmark, together with the United States, can plan aggressive actions against Russia.
They should start with this question and come to their senses.



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