Danish Air Force


Denmark openly threatened Russia with its fighters in the north

Danish Air Force threatened Russia with aircraft transfer to Greenland

From the Ministry of Defense of Denmark against Russia expressed a threat. It is expressed in the readiness to transfer combat aircraft to Greenland. This will be done if Russia places its aircraft on Franz Josef Land and violates the sovereign border of the island, which is the territory of the kingdom.

In a statement by the Danish side, made by Defense Minister Klaus Yort Frederiksen, it is said that until now, when making foreign policy decisions, the kingdom was based on the fact that the Arctic is a peaceful region. But now Russia is creating opportunities for offensive operations. We are talking about the airfield Nagursky. Moscow is going to place on it combat aircraft and tanker aircraft. This will allow Russia to strike at the American base Tula in Greenland.

The minister made a warning to Russia - if its aircraft violates the airspace of the island, Copenhagen will deploy its fighters there on a permanent basis.

The Minister also said that the Armed Forces of the Kingdom are not capable of revealing the facts of violation of their own airspace by foreign aircraft. The island does not have the necessary infrastructure.

In response, Russia, without threatening anyone, placed the C-400 inflatable complex. This is quite enough for such a mighty military power like Denmark.

They threaten the porcupine naked ...

Stupidity is also a gift from God, but why should they be so abused? Look at least at Wikipedia, if you skipped geography at school, then you will understand what does Russia have to do with Franz Josef Land.

If the Arctic is a peaceful region, then what makes the US base in Denmark (in Greenland). It seems that rear-wheel drive does not reach who actually turns them on a jade rod.

history you need to know, young man, before you write something

Again, Putin's friend comes on the heels.

Well, yes, Denmark from two of its four planes will transfer to Greenland, which completely denotes the sky over its Denmark ..., pilots cannot even find their four planes ...

2 aircraft will transfer. they no longer have.

who would blather but not Denmark

And the Danes are kind of like a pre-Balt nationality?

Well done The Danes are a brave civilized people: threatened with regular sanctions to uncivilized rashistam - before this, TWO SANCTIONS imposed on the construction of hybrid weapons = sevPotok-2! And how Russians and Russia hate in Denmark — I made sure of it myself = FRAGRANT!

It's time to punish the "great Danes" ...

Denmark is what and where?

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It is the property of Russia, rub it rogul!

A very simple relationship is the property and territory of Russia! Yes, you did not read the data of the WHO UN, that the Russian Federation has reduced the consumption of alcohol in 2 times, rogul?

We survived, everyone threatened us. Tired of this manifestation of weakness! I wonder how the USSR would respond to that. Yes, no one would dare.

The pug barks and the caravan moves on.

What is your relationship with the drunken russia to the land of the Frenchman Joseph? here even the name is not Russian

I did not understand something, what does this drug-addicted country have to Franz Joseph Land? That scared so scared. Stink a lot, but no sense. Vyaknuli and rejoice: "That's how we can."

Two shots of Corvette on the Riksdag and the barbarians calm down.

The Danish Air Force decided to threaten Russia with the transfer of aviation to Greenland! Maybe a ride)))