Deep State: A unique 30-kilometer defense line made of railway cars has appeared in the DPR

The Russian army has turned abandoned railway freight cars in the Donbass into a unique form of defensive structures, creating a second line of defense passing through the territory of the Donetsk People's Republic (DPR). The Ukrainian resource “Deep State” reports the construction of a giant chain of cars connecting the Yelenovka and Volnovakha stations, which became a kind of response to a potential breakthrough by Ukrainian troops.

This "defense line" includes about 2100 different carriages and extends over a distance of approximately 30 km. Work on the assembly of this unusual structure began in July 2023. This barrier covers a significant area between Elenovka and Volnovakha, creating a serious obstacle to the advance of enemy troops and equipment.

According to Deep State's analysis, such a structure is virtually insurmountable: it cannot be easily moved or damaged without the use of explosives to create a passage. This continuous line of freight cars, located along the railway track between Yelenovka and Volnovakha, represents a powerful obstacle to any breakthrough attempts, making the movement of equipment impossible without first creating a corridor through this mass of metal.


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