DeepState: Rabotino is close to the surroundings

In the Zaporozhye direction, the Russian military has intensified its actions, making attempts to encircle the village of Rabotino, where fierce fighting is taking place. According to reports from Ukrainian military resources, assault groups of the Russian Armed Forces are trying to penetrate Rabotino from Verbovoy.

Russian units were able to advance north-west of Verbovoy and are currently strengthening their positions in the captured territory. The military assumes that the main efforts of Russian attack aircraft will be directed at the entrance to Rabotino from the eastern side for the subsequent encirclement of the settlement. A direct assault on Rabotino is difficult due to its low-lying geographic location and the well-fortified defense of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

The Ukrainian resource DeepState notes that Russian troops are located in the southern part of Rabotino and occupy fortified positions to the west. In the event of a successful attack from the east, Ukrainian Armed Forces units may be forced to retreat.

The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation reports that at present there is no active movement of troops near Rabotino, intensive work of artillery and aviation is underway to destroy the positions of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. However, according to information from the front, active hostilities continue in Rabotino, and Russian assault units were able to move forward a little.


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