Russia's budget deficit in January amounted to 1,76 trillion. rubles

In January, Russia recorded the strongest federal budget deficit.

According to the Ministry of Finance of Russia, since the beginning of this year, one of the strongest deficits has been observed in the federal budget of the country. According to the calculations, the deficit of the federal budget of the country is 1,76 trillion. rubles, which is already about 60,7% of the planned annual deficit.

According to experts, federal budget spending in January 2023 amounted to 3.1 trillion. rubles (growth compared to last year is recorded at 59%), while total revenues are about 1,36 trillion. rubles (a decrease compared to last year is 35%). This fact has an extremely unfavorable effect on the economy and can lead to serious consequences, since, given the current dynamics, already in February the federal budget deficit may exceed annual plans for the whole of 2023.

Experts believe that an increase in the federal budget deficit could hit almost all categories of citizens. At the same time, it remains unknown what exactly led to such a sharp increase in the budget deficit, since the beginning of the year is traditionally not the peak for sharp drops in income and growth in spending.


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