Delta Airlines will provide all of its pilots tablets.


Delta Airlines will provide all of its pilots tablets.

American Airlines Delta Airlines plans to provide all of its pilots tablets.

One of America's largest airlines, Delta Air Lines, has purchased 11 Microsoft Surface 2 tablets for all flight personnel. These devices will be used as "pilot's electronic tablets".

The airline explains this decision by its desire to raise awareness of the flight crew in the cockpit. and, of course, reduce all costs for updating all paper prescriptions and manuals, necessary collections and flight charts. These devices with touch screens and a complete set of all the necessary documentation will be introduced as early as 2013 on such aircraft as Boeing 757 and 767.

By the end of next year, the entire aircraft fleet of the company will be fully equipped with these devices. As the representatives of the airline explained, what is the permission of the Federal Aviation Administration of the country, the use of electronic gadgets at all stages of the flight will be received already in 2014.

In advance, all the necessary tests will be passed on board the aircraft of this company Boeing 757 and 767 ". It is planned that in the future, the required software will contain a full service, like weather reports of any corner of the planet in real time, and will also be available for information exchange with the control room. department.


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