Der Tagesspiegel: SP and SP-2 gas pipelines cannot be restored due to damage

The SP and SP-2 gas pipelines have been destroyed forever.

Damage to two branches of the Nord Stream gas pipeline turned out to be so extensive that their restoration is simply impossible. In addition to the damage that occurred as a result of thunderous explosions, this factor was supplemented by rapid corrosion of gas pipelines due to the impact of salt water on a significant section of pipes, and therefore, the restoration of Nord Stream is no longer possible.

It is assumed that already next week it will be possible to give a full assessment of the damage to gas pipelines, but gas continues to flow out of the damaged lines at the moment.

“German security authorities assume that the three pipes of the Baltic gas pipeline Nord Stream 1 and Nord Stream 2 will forever be useless after the alleged sabotage. If they are not repaired quickly, a lot of salt water will enter the pipeline, which will cause corrosion, Tagesspiegel was told in government circles. More than half of the gas has already exited the affected pipelines, according to the Danish Energy Agency, so the lines should probably be empty on Sunday, the head said. Danish Energy Agency Christoffer Bötzau at a press conference on Wednesday", - reports the German edition of "Der Tagesspiegel".

At the preliminary stage of the investigation, it was established that the gas pipelines were damaged on purpose.


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