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A paratrooper with an unopened parachute fell from a height of 4500 meters, broke through the roof of a house and survived

The paratrooper was able to survive by falling with an unopened parachute from a height of 4572 meters.

During the exercise, the British soldier was able to survive falling from a height of more than 4500 meters. According to The Guardian, the paratrooper did not open his parachute during a training jump, however, thanks to a fall on the roof of an apartment building, the man managed to survive. At the same time, the British soldier received only minor injuries.

"The British paratrooper, whose parachute did not deploy properly, received only 'minor injuries' after falling from 15 feet, breaking through the roof of an apartment building in California and falling right into the kitchen."- reports the publication "The Guardian", noting that the incident occurred on July 6.

The circumstances of the incident are still unknown. Judging by the data presented, the cause of the incident is the incorrect packing of the parachute, since during the flight the latter nevertheless opened, but not completely. However, the fact that the British soldier escaped with only minor injuries, and already, according to some reports, he was discharged from the hospital at all, seems simply incredible.


At the same time, he asked the hostess: how to get to London? Through the kitchen and right. Do they have any spare?



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