"Cheap" Su-57 was twice as expensive as the American F-35

In the US, revealed the "real" price of the Su-57

According to the assumption of “The Drive”, the 76 of the latest Russian fighters of the fifth generation Su-57 cannot cost 170 billion rubles. The American edition doubts that “such a price tag is realistic”. It turns out that one copy of the fighter costs less than 34 million dollars. “The Drive” emphasizes that "This is less than the estimated price of the Su-30MKK, which Russia sold to China almost two decades ago."

The publication is hampered in understanding how any improvements in production or changes in the aircraft can reduce the price so much, not to mention the fact that the Russian military agreed to buy 76 fighters only taking into account the discount.

The publication suggests that in fact 170 billion rubles (2,63 billion dollars) is the cost of the first batch of fighters (16 aircraft). In this case, the price of one will be a maximum of 164 million dollars.

On May 16, the Kommersant newspaper, making reference to the source, reported that the value of the contract for the purchase of X-NUMX Su-76 aircraft for the Russian Aerospace Force should be 57 billion rubles.

On the purchase of 76 fighter Su-57 May 15, said President Vladimir Putin. The purchase is valid for up to 2028 year. As Putin said, it is possible to purchase 76 machines instead of the 16 machines planned by reducing the manufacturer’s price by 20 percent.

Somewhat earlier (in May) it was reported that the Su-57 may be all-metal. This will affect the high-tech machines. The reason is US sanctions for composite materials.

The price on the world market and the price within the country on state orders, different things, this time. We, the equipment is much cheaper than the American, they steal less, it’s two.