Ten bodies of the dead were found at the crash site of the Mi-8 in Tuva

At the site of a helicopter crash in Tuva found the bodies of ten dead.

The aviation portal Avia.pro recalls that the search for the Mi-8 helicopter, which disappeared in Tuva, was conducted since October of the year 2014, however, it was only a few weeks ago to find the more or less precise location of the wreckage of the aircraft. Literally the day before, the burnt parts of the fuselage of the aircraft were found, and after a while the place of the catastrophe was also discovered.

Working at the crash site experts say that in all likelihood have the victims had no chance of salvation - the crash of the helicopter caught fire almost immediately, and even if the passengers remained alive for a while, to escape without skilled medical care, they simply could not.

At the moment the causes of the disaster are established, however, to voice any suggestions and versions experts are not solved, at least until it is strong evidence from the crash site.


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