United States armored personnel carriers Syria


Dozens of American armored personnel carriers entered Syrian Hasaka

American troops entered the Syrian Hasaka.

Despite opposition from Kurdish forces, several hundred American troops and several dozen units of armored vehicles of the US Armed Forces entered the Syrian city of Hasaka. The deployment of American troops here took place against the backdrop of the outbreak of clashes between the forces of the Syrian National Army, consisting mainly of militants and pro-Turkish forces and the Syrian Democratic Forces.

According to various estimates, up to 300 American troops and at least 15 armored vehicles, including armored personnel carriers, entered Hasaku. At the moment, the American army operates in the territory controlled by the Kurdish formations and the Syrian Democratic Forces, however, the appearance of US troops here has already led to a conflict between the two groups.

Experts do not exclude that American troops are planning to quickly deploy in the northern part of the Arab Republic to establish control over this region, however, Russian forces are ready to actively oppose the United States in this. In particular, earlier in the region, Russian Ka-52 attack helicopters and Russian military patrols were noticed, which have repeatedly blocked US forces from appearing on the territory controlled by the SAA.

Do not write any nonsense! AI Russia has banned, Russia has blocked, Russia has warned ... Remember once and for all that Russia does not need Syria as such. She needs some kind of country where there is a war or martial law can be created there so that new weapons can be tested in real combat conditions. Even at the cost of the lives of thousands of peaceful people. Otherwise, why does she need Syria, whose dictatorial power even the UN has declared illegal.

Kurds need to put Cornets, they seem to be on the side of the Russian Federation again))