Airline Azur Air


Dozens of Azur Air passengers could not fly from Phuket to Yekaterinburg

Airline «Azur Air» could not just take off with dozens of passengers from Phuket to Ekaterinburg.

At the moment, the news agency it became known that the airline «Azur Air» delayed execution of the flight, at least 5 hours, which of course has created serious problems for passengers. The official reasons for many hours of flight delays at the moment remain unknown - according to some sources, the culprit became the failed air conditioning on board the aircraft, on the other - the culprit might be a fault with the aircraft engines.

It should be noted that for the airline «Azur Air» current hours-long delay in this month is already the second - the last time the aircraft carrier for a few hours could not fly from Yekaterinburg to Tunis.


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