Dozens of Russian warships sent to sea to contain NATO

Russia sent two dozen warships to the Baltic Sea to contain NATO.

In response to NATO provocations, Russia sent 20 warships into the Baltic Sea, most of which are tactically armed and capable of delivering accurate strikes against key NATO military bases in Europe within minutes. At the moment, a group of more than 20 Russian warships is in the waters of the Baltic Sea, however, in all likelihood, in the near future, Russian warships will begin to show the West their readiness to go to a confrontation if NATO does not stop provocations against Russia.

It is known that Russian warships will carry out practically combat missions, including tactics for the destruction of surface, underwater and air targets. Moreover, it is very remarkable that both electronic firing and combat are implied. This indicates the fact that the Russian side is ready to demonstrate to the West a position of strength.

"20 warships, boats and support vessels of the Baltic Fleet left their permanent bases and entered the designated areas of the Baltic Sea to perform tasks as part of planned combat training activities", - the press service of the western military district reports.

A little earlier, several NATO countries decided to send their warships to the Baltic Sea to create tension along the Russian borders, however, it is obvious that the Russian fleet that entered the exercises will force the Alliance to retreat.