Dozens of Russian tanks moved towards the Ukrainian border

A trainload of Russian tanks was seen moving towards the Ukrainian border.

Amid the confrontation between the forces of the self-proclaimed republics of Donbass and Ukraine, residents of the Bryansk region noticed a train with tanks and army trucks, which allegedly moved towards the Ukrainian border. The source reports that we are talking about several dozen heavy combat vehicles, however, army trucks and engineering equipment can also be seen on the railway platforms.

Judging by the video footage presented, the Russian side may begin to concentrate its forces near the Ukrainian borders to prevent provocations and aggression. At the same time, it is possible that Russia may conduct new large-scale military exercises near the Ukrainian borders, during which counteraction to external threats will be practiced, as was already observed at the beginning of this year, when, according to Western data, a Russian army of about 100-120 thousand people.

At the same time, given that there are several hundred thousand citizens of the Russian Federation in the Donbass, Russia can unilaterally bring its peacekeeping forces into the region, although at the moment this information has not been commented on.

if in 2015 they hadn't been bothered near Debaltseve, then today in Donetsk and Lugansk everything would have "settled down" and people would have lived peacefully as part of Russia.

Do you have proof that Putin is a coward ?! Maybe present at least one fact. And you yourself are not a taxi driver by chance? And then every taxi driver in our country knows better than the president how to lead the country and when and where to send troops.

Corpses are not enough for you?

I am sure that Putin will chicken out again!

Well, I think that's all, the Ukrainians jumped.