Dozens of Russian Bayraktar "killers" spotted along the Ukrainian border

Dozens of Russian Buk air defense systems have been deployed along the Ukrainian border.

Against the background of the emergence of information that 36 Bayraktar TB2 attack unmanned aerial vehicles may already be in service with the Armed Forces, it became known that Russia had pulled dozens of Buk anti-aircraft missile systems to the Ukrainian border. These air defense systems have proven to be the most effective in the fight against Turkish drones.

On the presented video frames you can see the moment of transfer of the Russian air defense systems "Buk" to the Maslovka railway station in the Voronezh region. Apparently, we are talking about several dozen air defense systems. Moreover, in addition to the mobile launchers themselves, you can also see transport vehicles and launchers.

At the moment, it is known that all the Russian Buk air defense systems deployed in this direction will be deployed on the territory of a military field camp located near the Ukrainian border. At the same time, there are no official comments from the Russian defense department regarding such a large accumulation of military equipment and weapons.

Nevertheless, experts believe that the appearance of the Buk complexes may be evidence that Russia intends to carefully monitor the appearance of the Ukrainian UAV Bayraktar TB2 in Donbass and near its borders, especially since these complexes have successfully proven themselves in the fight against Turkish-made drones ... In the past two years alone, this has led to dozens of contracts for the supply of these air defense systems to foreign armies.

then in 2014 Putin's plane was expected ...

We must wait for the next Boeing ...

apparently they are being placed because of Kiev's threats to hit the Voronezh nuclear power plant

This is actually called spying.

Did you shoot or take part?

I mean, if they give it, no one will go on a hunger strike:

"These are targets for Bayraktors" ... Do not flatter yourself, come closer))

Your mischief (x)

Time will tell

They were probably brought to the test site as targets, and they were also painted. ... ... ...

"Killers of Bayraktars" is not a fact yet. For now, the Boeing Killer is more correct.

targets, okay. Will they hit on the territory of the Russian Federation?
Then they will cover the control points with everything they can.

The United States is killing a Russian brother in Donbass - that's what is happening.

"Thank you" Filmed for disclosing the state. secrets)))

"These are targets for the Bayraktors" - this will be a direct declaration of war on Russia, since the Buki are located on the Russian side.

The people who shoot all this on camera with the headline that it probably does not know that beyond Maslovka there is a training ground and such a picture all year round

This is how we need to help our people in Donbass!

What is happening is that we must not allow the entry of NATO troops into Ukraine.

These are targets for the Byractors, not their killers.



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