Dozens of tanks, artillery and trucks: Azerbaijan showed equipment captured from Armenia - most were simply abandoned

The captured military equipment and weapons of the Armenian army were demonstrated in Azerbaijan.

Contrary to the statements of representatives of the Ministry of Defense of Armenia and Prime Minister of this country Nikol Pashinyan that the Armenian military to the last held positions at the sites of clashes with the Azerbaijani army, it became known that the Armenian military simply abandoned equipment, which later turned out to be captured by Azerbaijani forces - most of the weapons were not even damaged.

In the presented photographs and video frames, you can see a whole train with trophies of the Azerbaijani army. We are talking about lightly armored vehicles, trucks, dozens of tanks and field artillery, and this is only the military equipment that was captured on the territory of one of the liberated regions.

Earlier it was reported that during the conflict, the Azerbaijani army captured 7 times more armored vehicles of the Armenian Armed Forces than it lost, however, experts draw attention to the fact that if the weapons were really just thrown without a fight, this casts very serious doubt on Armenia's readiness to direct clashes with the same Azerbaijan and Turkey.

“The worst thing Armenia can do is to attack Azerbaijan or Turkey. In this case, Russia will not be able to help Yerevan, since the aggression will come from Armenia itself. Do not give in to provocations ", - the expert marks.