Dozens of Russian tanks deployed less than 20 kilometers from the border of Crimea and Ukraine

Russia is preparing to throw tanks into battle against Ukraine.

The concentration of forces on the border between Russia and Ukraine indicates that Kiev and Moscow are preparing for a powerful confrontation. If earlier the majority of Russian equipment was at a distance of several tens and even hundreds of kilometers from the Ukrainian border, then a few hours ago it became known about the deployment of several dozen Russian tanks less than 20 kilometers from the border of Ukraine and Crimea.

According to, a few hours ago another column of tanks headed from the central part of the peninsula to the Krasnoperekopsk area. The latter were transported by tractors and are currently located practically on the very border of Ukraine.

Remarkable is the fact that according to a number of sources, both Ukrainian and Russian, at the moment the Armed Forces of Ukraine are planning to launch a large-scale military operation in Donbass, which is why the SBU and the Armed Forces of Ukraine were put on high alert, as mentioned earlier the editors of the portal have already reported. Obviously, the Russian side also has such information, against which additional heavy equipment was transferred to the border.

“On the video that appeared today from N of the item. Guards (Crimea), a column of military trucks was seen transporting armored vehicles on platforms. By geolocation, it was possible to recognize the direction of movement of the column. Highway Н05 Krasnoperekopsk - Simferopol. Perhaps, soon we will witness another field camp on the border with the Kherson region ", - informs "Telegram" - the "Hunter's Notes" community, publishing the corresponding video frames.

At the moment, there are no official comments from the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation on this matter.

Why should the Russians fight there at all?

Our grandfathers, having one gun for three, liberated Russia and all of Europe from the Nazis in 4 years. And the Russian Federation is being destroyed by packs of terrorists. And everyone cannot destroy them. Yes, what to destroy. Not able to move one meter. What can you expect from a commander. Which, at one time, destroyed his homeland, the USSR in favor of NATO.

The Russian Aerospace Forces killed more ISIS terrorists in a day than the United States prepared in six months ...

Russia does not have a T64 at the base .. T-72 of various modifications of the main tank .. Then T80, T90

Something tanks can not be seen)))))

You are told 75% new and modernized. So they are modernizing the BRDMs of the 30s of release, it is a shame and painful for such an army. The armats have eaten all the bald spots, and in the ranks there are 64, diluted by the 90s.

And what, it is necessary, what would armored vehicles under their own power on the asphalt pearl or what ??

Guys, what kind of tanks? Why would Russian tankers break through minefields, while the RF Armed Forces have * Caliber * and think, Tarasik, think from which sea they will arrive: Caspian, Black, White, Mediterranean ... Think, Tarasik, think ...

Some kind of a strange column, interspersed with civilian cars, and on trailers there is equipment ... is this still in service?

At Perekop there will be ... a traffic jam of tanks and vacationers. Also sufferers of vaccinations. The suffering will conquer.

In the video, the tractors are not transporting tanks, but BMD-2 and self-propelled guns "Nona-S". But still, the power is impressive.

and where are the tanks?