The desertion of the tank crew was filmed from a drone

The drone filmed an attempted desertion by the tank crew.

An unmanned aerial vehicle was able to film the moment of desertion of the tank crew. Apparently, the gunner and tank commander left the heavy combat vehicle, while the mechanic was not informed about this, since the latter continued to drive the combat vehicle even after part of the crew had already escaped from the tank.

In video footage taken from an unmanned aerial vehicle, you can see how the tank makes a retreat from its previous position, while part of its crew leaves the tower and deserts. Judging by the video, the tank suffered some damage, however, it is not significant - there are no traces of open burning, while the combat vehicle itself continues to move - apparently, the tank driver continues to be inside, not even knowing about that the commander and gunner had already left the military equipment.

A number of questions are raised by the presence of a third person on the video, however, apparently, the latter may not belong to the crew of the abandoned tank, since the armored fighting vehicle continues to be in motion.

In which direction of the front the video footage was filmed is unknown, however, earlier there were reports that the military simply abandoned serviceable combat equipment and deserted, tritely not wanting to engage in a military clash.