Desertion of Ukrainian soldiers from Bakhmut caught on video

The Ukrainian military began to desert from Bakhmut.

Against the backdrop of how the environment of Bakhmut began to be observed more and more clearly, it became known that Ukrainian troops began to desert the city in small groups. This is evidenced by the relevant video footage published by the Ukrainian military, where you can see that a small group of military personnel is leaving the city, advancing through its northern outskirts in a northwesterly direction.

According to the Ukrainian servicemen, the command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine does not take any measures to maintain the defense of the city, hoping that the forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine located in Bakhmut will be able to independently contain the offensive of the Russian troops.

This fact of desertion of Ukrainian servicemen indicates that there are practically no prospects that Bakhmut may be retained by the Armed Forces of Ukraine, since today 4 out of 5 highways leading to the city have already been blocked by Russian units - the only surviving route leads to Chasov Yar, however, this road is also actively shot through.

The footage is said to have been taken hours ago. However, a number of questions are raised by the fact that the Ukrainian military are moving in a north-western direction, in fact, along the Blagodatnoye settlement, which is already controlled by the Russian military, and along the settlement. Paraskovievka, where fighting is currently taking place.


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