The collapse of the airship Airlander


Airlander airship crashed during the second test flight

aircraft crashed in Cardington largest airport in the world.

The incident occurred during the execution of the next test flight, at the same time, as it became known information and news agency, the giant airship Airlander the implementation of flight collided with a telegraph pole, which is why the cab was seriously damaged. According to preliminary data, none of the people as a result of the accident was not injured, however, experts do not rule out that as a result of the crash, the people on board might well die.

It should be clarified that the Airlander airship has a length of 92 meters, and in fact, this aircraft is only undergoing test tests, however, despite the fact that the aircraft designers guaranteed its serviceability, it was likely that the incident management systems, which, however, remains to be seen in the course of the upcoming investigation.