Diversion near the Russian military base in Syria. Video

Unidentified staged a sabotage attack near the Russian military base in Syria.

Unknown forces conducted a sabotage operation near the Russian military base in Tartus (Syria). According to information spread by Syrian media, unknown persons undermined the undersea pipeline, using a powerful explosive device or an ammunition of an unknown nature.

According to the data presented, the sabotage operation was carried out in the port area in Baniyas, located approximately 35 kilometers from the Russian military base in Tartus. Who exactly could be behind the sabotage, so far remains unknown, but experts pay attention to the fact. that the pipeline itself is located at a considerable depth, as a result of which it would not have been possible to sabotage without the use of specialized equipment.

The fact that the unknown began to act close to the Russian military base in Tartus raises serious concerns among analysts, especially against the backdrop of recent sabotage in the Persian Gulf, when several oil tankers were blown up.

According to experts, unknown mines could use magnetic mines, which can be available only from government forces in one of the countries located in the Middle East, to carry out the blast of the pipeline near Baniyas.

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