Sabotage caused explosions on trains in Buryatia

After explosions occurred on the Itykit-Okushikan railway section in Buryatia, as a result of which a freight train carrying diesel and aviation fuel was damaged, a criminal case was opened under the article “Terrorist attack”.

On November 30, unknown persons blew up a freight train of 50 wagons, including 41 tanks with diesel fuel and 3 tanks with aviation fuel. The locomotive crew reported that while passing through the tunnel, the train suddenly braked due to a release of tension. In the process of finding out the causes of the incident, heavy smoke began to appear in the tunnel. The crew secured the train and left the tunnel.

As a result of the explosion, 16 tanks at the head of the train were completely burned out, and two tanks had holes in the drainage area. 14 tanks were successfully evacuated, but further transportation of the remaining cars was impossible due to serious damage to the rails and flooding with fuel.

In addition, shortly after this incident, another train was bombed in the same area. In this case, 4 tanks were completely burned out, and two more were damaged by fire. It is believed that fuel spilled over an area of ​​about 150 square meters. Initially, the version of a short circuit was considered, but after a second similar incident, this version was refuted.


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