Diversion, explosion and fire: the special commission told the details of the death of 14 sailors of the submarine "Losharik"

Revealed unexpected details of the tragedy on board the submarine "Losharik", which killed 14 sailors.

A special commission headed by Russian Navy Commander Nikolai Evmenov told RBC that among the main versions of the tragedy under consideration is sabotage aboard a nuclear submarine and an explosion in the battery compartment, which only miraculously did not damage the nuclear power plant.

“According to preliminary data, a fire and an explosion occurred in the nose compartment, where the battery was located, says another RBC interviewee familiar with the commission’s work. This information was confirmed by an interlocutor familiar with the investigation. The accident happened precisely at the deep-water station AC-31, and not on the boat carrier. The second version, which the commission does not exclude, is a sabotage, he continues, indicating that the results of the investigation are not yet available and these are only preliminary versions. ”, - RBC reports.

Previously, there was indeed a version that an explosion occurred aboard the nuclear submarine “Losharik”, moreover, it was reported that the surviving crew members were hospitalized with a contusion, and sabotage was considered the main circumstance of the explosion.

That fact is remarkable. that a few days ago it was reported that there was no explosion on board the submarine, and the sailors died because of carbon monoxide poisoning.