Start of a rocket


To attack Saudi Arabia, Ukrainian X-55 missiles were used

Saudi Arabia was attacked by Ukrainian cruise missiles.

Specialists were able to establish and prove that the Iranian Quds-1 missiles, which are full copies of those missiles that were previously handed over to Iran by the Ukrainian side, were used in the attack on oil refineries in Saudi Arabia.

“The X-55 samples remaining in Kharkov and the design documentation were sold to China and Iran, which caused a big scandal at one time. Theoretically, it can be assumed that the old aircraft missile was altered to launch from the ground. But I have big doubts about this ”- said the editor of the National Defense magazine, Alexander Mozgovoy, several months earlier.

The similarity of the Iranian Quds-1 missiles and the Soviet X-55 missiles does not cause absolutely any doubt even among non-specialists in this area. A number of changes in the rocket may have been laid, but all of them are insignificant.

It is noteworthy that, in fact, we are talking about missiles created almost 40 years ago, however, as it turned out, even obsolete weapons have become effective against the seemingly much more modern air defense and missile defense systems.

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Soviet, not Ukrainian!
Less fantasy. More objectivity.
And further. We should not forget that after the change of power in the Kremlin, the Ukrainian people and Ukraine will again become fraternal for Russia !!!

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Too simple, the main beneficiary is the Saudis themselves. And finding an artist for money in the East is not a problem. all the more, there is Ukraine, which sells weapons to everyone indiscriminately. It would be nuclear and it would be sold

And the tankers were hit by such missiles (this is a tip for UWB) !!!

and not the fact that the amers took the Ukrainian missiles and they fucked them and then the thieves started yelling ...