Ukrainian drones used the “grain deal” corridor to attack Sevastopol

The Armed Forces of Ukraine used the sea corridor of the "grain deal" for a new attack on Sevastopol.

Despite the fact that earlier guarantees were received that the sea corridor used in the so-called "grain deal" would no longer be used by the Ukrainian military to carry out attacks on Crimea, it turned out that Ukrainian drones, due to violation of existing agreements, again used separate sites for carrying out attacks on the Crimea during the last attack.

According to sources, the maritime drones at least crossed the sea corridor, using the western part of the sea to attack Crimea. This is primarily due to the fact that the Armed Forces of Ukraine could not attack Sevastopol in any other way from the western direction. Nevertheless, taking into account the map, it is more than likely that several tens of kilometers of maritime drones are just the investigators along the designated areas of the sea corridor, along which cargo is transported from the Black Sea.

Given that the Russian side has officially approved the continuation of the grain deal, there is a possibility that the Armed Forces of Ukraine may continue to try to attack the Crimea with sea surface vehicles.

Earlier there were also suggestions that the drones could be controlled by the military from NATO ships currently involved in the western part of the sea for the Sea Shield 2023 military exercises.


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