To defeat the F-22, the Su-35 pilot needs to hold out 2 minutes

To win the Su-35 over the American F-22, it will take 2 minutes.

Experts believe that in order for the Su-35 fighter pilot to defeat the fifth-generation American fighter F-22, it takes only two minutes. This is due to many factors, ranging from the radar visibility of the aircraft, and ending his long-range armament.

It is reported that the American fighter, although using “stealth” technology, but using its own radar, gives its presence from a distance of 90-120 kilometers, which makes it almost an ideal target for air-to-air missiles P-27 capable of hitting targets at distances up to 300 kilometers.

Only due to the partial use of stealth technology, the Russian Su-35 fighter is more noticeable for the American F-35, which can detect it at a distance of about 140-160 kilometers, but due to the super-maneuverability of the Russian combat aircraft, the likelihood of a successful attack by the American fighter practically reduced to zero.

In fact, in order to approach the American F-22 in the detection distance, the pilot of the Russian Su-35 will need about 2 minutes, especially since a photo has already been published, in which the American fighter was in the sight of the Russian Su-35

I agree . Only experience puts points and not 1 times, everything should be verified. Exclude the case.

With all my love for the national school of aviation - I think the opinion of "unknown experts" is very controversial. Only the practice of repeated real combat use with the confrontation of two machines can give an answer to the question about the time to solve the problem of defeating a particular target, the distance from which the given task was solved ... Everything else is idle talk about who is more patriot. Even creating a mathematical model of the battle (which is very difficult - too many variables), not get a clear answer. Measured by the characteristics of the aircraft in this case is completely useless.
And yes, a picture from the game, but as a last resort from a training simulation ...

First, a shot from a game. What are you carrying?
Secondly, it is clear that this is not F-22, it is very similar to the F-18 Hornet. La what are you carrying? Oh yes ... Propaganda ...

In fact, everything is determined by the range, accuracy and percentage of guaranteed destruction. The rest is secondary. On the head with infrared guidance EW is not valid.

unfortunately in Syria otkidorit putirastov to the full

Long range missiles are weakly effective ... They maneuver at the expense of aerodynamic control surfaces. therefore, if a SU-type aircraft saw them — and began to make a manver — practical 100% they would go to the milk. Liner - no, there is no cargo, and SU will leave.

RVV-DB already tested. They hit targets at a distance of 400 + km, without a miss.
Fe-22 in a one-on-one battle is doomed not only with the Su-35, but with the serial Su-27. But they will not go alone with Su-27. They are not created for this, and they fight only in a group. Alone, they go only to unarmed airplanes and helicopters that cannot protect themselves.

If you put a laser shield on 35, then 10 Fe-22 cannot cope with it.
All the same, the main problem of the Su-35 is not low survivability, but insufficient toughness, which means performance in combat.
The problem is that if a plane does not shoot down many opponents in a short time, then sooner or later a flock of opponents will go to it, and then it will be very difficult. And in order to be productive, and the F-shki now also are not badly sewn, you have to turn your nose very quickly so that you can hit the enemy with light rockets at the enemy so that the rocket does not need to be turned (and the loss of the 10 km distance). Unfortunately, the 35's fixed and very large keels do not allow it to have adequate toughness at high speed.
Here, of course, it would help a lot if they were flying a lot. Then they can turn their noses slowly, sorting out targets in the sky. But there is a problem, there are not so many of them. In a large pile can not collect.
In general, we need a PAK-FA. 35 is a good car, but today it does not meet the requirements for superiority over the enemy.

You are sick! Learn mat.part. The F-22 has no chances for long-range, medium, and especially melee combat. Su-35 with its ammunition bypasses in all respects F-22. And this was checked not only by the Russian military, but also by the Western, including NATO and the United States. NATO pilots were forbidden to fly into the air if they find out that SU-35 is in the air. For you, what is the news? And they write correctly - the battle can be only 2 minutes in favor of the Su-35 from detection to destruction by both aircraft at any distances. This has already been verified more than once by both parties.

a bit wrong, not who has not canceled the EW facilities installed on all of our last aircraft, the author of course would be a pea miracle)), it would be better to pro over maneuverability as a panacea for avoiding enemy missiles, would keep silent, and the people would not be amused, but according to the open access neutralizes missiles launched from a large distance in 80 percent,

Very well written about the overload, for the GUARANTEED destruction, 1.5 has enough multiple advantages over the overloads over the enemy. And overloads of the aircraft are limited by the overload that the people withstand. Therefore, the first person to see wins in modern air combat!

And now the smart guy turns on the brain and recalls the electronic warfare systems installed on the 4 ++ aircraft of this class, which already have flight algorithms for your praised Pindosov rockets that will fly away from the targets into a huge unlimited space, at least you think with your head that you write a warrior sofa.

What are 300 km from P-27, what kind of nonsense ?!

And where does the F-35 and the super-maneuverability of the Su-35? If we are talking about airborne combat, then the American F-22 has really little chance, but the Su-35's super-maneuverability will not help it much when launching modern air-to-air missiles on it, which have maximum overloads reaching 50G, and the degree of self-guidance has been brought to perfection. Of course, such indicators have, in the main, medium-melee missiles and ranged missiles will not be able to hit a maneuvering target with 100% likelihood. You can not exclude the skill of the pilot Su-35, who will have to take all necessary. As for the P-27 rocket, this article indicates a modification, as I understand it, the P-27 PODC (very distant target destruction) 2048 of the release year, which has not yet come, but seriously, the latest p-27 rocket modification is capable destroy targets to 110 km, which, unfortunately, does not correspond to the description in the article. From this we conclude that the F-22 has every chance of getting out of a battle winner even without joining it.

The author does not write nonsense. radar sous-35 takes guns with 130-150km. This is 22 Let it try to detect the drying with 125km without an avax. it was Syria that showed it.