The price of air tickets in Crimea


Dmitry Medvedev: the price of air travel from Moscow to the Crimea should fall

the 9th of June. The Prime Minister of the Russian Federation announced that prices for air tickets from Moscow to Crimea are still at a fairly high level, which does not allow attracting a sufficiently large number of passengers.

In view of the meeting, Dmitry Medvedev asked to minimize the cost of fares for flights to the Crimea, as this will not only increase the number of passengers for the country's airliners, but at the same time increase the profits of the airlines, as well as give people the opportunity to relax, Not leaving abroad.

It is assumed that within a month the cost of the ticket should fall by another 10-20% compared to the current one, however, most likely, this will not affect all airlines that received subsidies from the state for the implementation of the current program.


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