DPR urgently transfers tanks to the front under powerful attacks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

The DPR forces are urgently deployed to the front under numerous attacks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

After the forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine launched an unexpected large-scale offensive on the DPR, attacking and destroying observation posts, firing points and positions of militia artillery, the command of the Armed Forces of the Donetsk People's Republic began to urgently transfer their tanks and armored equipment to the front. It is known that the armored vehicles of the DPR came under the blows of the Ukrainian forces, however, the official Donetsk does not comment on the data on the probable losses.

At the disposal of the information and news agency were unique video frames made by one of the residents of the settlement of Telmanovo in the DPR, where you can see the transfer of at least six T-72 tanks. It is reported that the tanks belong to the DPR and heavy armored vehicles were directed towards the front, where, as expected, large-scale battles will take place in the coming hours.



It is known that at the moment the sky over the DPR is patrolled by unmanned aerial vehicles, which are adjusting strikes on the positions of the DPR militias, in order to destroy defensive positions and send tanks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and motorized rifle units to storm the territories controlled by the self-proclaimed republic.

In addition, the transfer of tanks, armored personnel carriers and infantry fighting vehicles was recorded in other front-line sectors.

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