Russian warships


By 2030, Russian naval bases will appear in Cuba and Vietnam

Russia is deliberately putting an end to the American navy.

According to the Russian media, Russian military bases may appear on the territory of Cuba and Vietnam by the end of this decade. We are talking about the bases of the Russian Navy, which will allow not only to significantly strengthen Russia's position in the world arena, but also to completely neutralize the capabilities of the American military fleet.

According to experts, the emergence of a Russian naval base in Syria and Sudan is only the first step, after which similar facilities will appear in other regions of the planet.

“Judging by the recently published plans, 300 military and civilians and four ships, including nuclear-powered ships, will be accommodated at Russian facilities in Sudan. And bases in Vietnam and Cuba would allow Russia to extend its military and political influence to strategically important regions. As the Russian Federation gradually shifts the balance of its armed forces to East Asia, Vietnam, for historical, political and geographic reasons, may become an ideal base for a base. "- сообщает information publication "Reporter".

Experts draw attention to the fact that Cuba is definitely interested in creating a Russian naval base on the country's territory, since this will not only lead to ensuring the protection of state borders, but also minimize the likelihood of a US attempt to arrange a blockade of the country.

Earlier it was reported that Russia could also deploy its tactical and strategic forces in Cuba, however, if a Russian naval base is allowed to appear here, there will be no need for this.

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