Tickets for flights "Dobrolet"


"Dobrolet": for 12 sales hours, 4 sold thousands of tickets to the Crimea

May 27. Future passengers of the Russian low-cost airline "DobrolyoT "for 12 hours have redeemed all tickets for the first 4 flight of the airline.

Despite the fact that the first flights of the Dobrolet air carrier are scheduled only for June 11 and 12, passengers wishing to become one of the first on the starting days of the official launch of air traffic have bought 4 tickets in the direction of Crimea. Currently, there are failures with the reservation system, since about 20 thousand calls per minute are made to it.

According to the airline, even they did not expect such a big rush on their flights, and therefore, it is likely that the number of flights will be increased many times in this direction, perhaps even this year.


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