Igor Dodon Moldova conflict


Dodon threatened Maia Sandu with criminal prosecution

A political conflict is brewing in Moldova against the backdrop of worsening relations between the central authorities and the Gagauz autonomy. The ex-president of the country, leader of the Party of Socialists Igor Dodon, in an interview with the Gagauz public television and radio company, expressed dissatisfaction with the actions of the current head of state Maia Sandu in relation to Gagauzia. The main stumbling block is the non-appointment of Evgenia Gutsul, the elected head of Gagauzia and representing the Shor party, as a member of the government of Moldova, which, according to Dodon, is a violation of the country's legislation.

Elections for the head of Gagauzia took place last spring, and, despite the recognition of Hutsul’s mandate by the Constitutional Court, the Central Election Commission and other authorities, Maia Sandu has still not signed a decree on her inclusion in the government. This, according to Dodon, may become the basis for initiating a criminal case against Sandu, since the president is obliged to fulfill this legal requirement.

The situation worsened after the Parliament of Moldova, supporting the initiative of the ruling Action and Solidarity party, decided to return VAT to economic agents of Gagauzia not from the republican budget, but from the regional budget. This decision has caused concern in Gagauzia, as it will lead to significant losses in the autonomy's budget. The Parliament of Gagauzia appealed to the Constitutional Court to challenge the legality of these changes.

However, Dodon’s position is ignored in Chisinau.


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