Transaero Airlines


The debt of "Transaero" to creditors is about 250 billion rubles

Debt "Transaero"Is 250 bln. Rubles.

The information was announced by the head of Russia's largest bank, German Gref, while, according to the portal, the current amount outstanding airline "Transaero" may be somewhat smaller because the information applies only to 1 2015 June year.

Experts note that, despite the attempts of the management of Transaero Airlines to reduce its debt as much as possible, it still remains colossally large, while, as previously announced, creditors do not intend to write off Transaero's debt and want after will become the property of Aeroflot Group of Companies, it was the management of this owner who repaid the entire amount.

Among other things, a number of experts believe that if the air carrier starts to reduce its fleet, selling part of the property, and in fact refuses the deal with the Aeroflot Group of Companies, then in just a few years, with its current activities, Transaero will be able to be among the ten largest airlines in Russia.


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