Dominate and destroy: three Russian nuclear submarines at once approached the shores of Great Britain

Three Russian nuclear submarines have approached the shores of Great Britain.

At least three Russian nuclear submarines have approached the shores of Great Britain, seriously making London nervous. The capabilities of these nuclear submarines are enough to completely destroy the United Kingdom in just a few minutes, and, moreover, much more British are amazed by the number of nuclear submarines themselves - previously, a maximum of one submarine was observed in this area.

“The number of Russian submarines operating in the North Atlantic has grown dramatically. This is stated in an article by the British tabloid Daily Mail. Specialists noticed Russian stealth submarines of the Akula class (NATO classification of Project 971 multipurpose nuclear submarines) off the coast of the United Kingdom. "The number of Russian submarines entering the North Atlantic is staggering," a source in the British Navy said, adding that Russia has begun sending two or three submarines into the British fleet's zone of operations instead of one, as it was before. The interlocutor of the publication called this situation "serious" and called on the government to address this issue, "before it is too late.", - about it сообщает Russian information publication "Ruposters".

It is not known what kind of submarines of the Russian Navy are in question, however, experts draw attention to the fact that such actions of the Russian fleet may be associated with recent statements by Great Britain and provocations committed near Russian territories.

“This is more about Russia's response to London's actions. Three nuclear submarines at once off the coast of Great Britain is not a joke, considering that one will be enough to destroy the kingdom ”, - the expert marks.

If they had not been seen, how then could England be made to panic? Tricky move. find yourself and give time to think about your provocations near the borders of RUSSIA!

Ours just do not go. Probably half will be left there for now)

The British need not worry about this: they are not interesting for Russian nuclear submarines. For them, the INF is enough. Our boats did not come to their liking.

Just horrible, what a danger! Instead of 1, it became 3! And when in the 80s in the Barents Sea there were only 3-4 American submarines, no one shouted about danger

Well, if this is true, then I personally think that this is correct, it is time to teach them how to respect others.

Mikhail, I think this was done on purpose for psychological pressure. Due to the recent provocations of the British at our borders

The article deals with 971 projects, and in the photo 941

Why did at least three nuclear submarines (for example, three and a half) need to approach the shores of Britain, where, apparently, they were easily found and counted. Michael