Donald Trump


Donald Trump announces US withdrawal from NATO

US President Donald Trump first announced the US withdrawal from NATO.

The United States may no longer be a member of the North Atlantic Alliance. This was stated by American leader Donald Trump, noting that at the moment he does not want to take such a desperate step, however, if NATO does not allocate enough funds to maintain a military alliance, then Washington will not be interested in such steps.

“US President Donald Trump said he would not want to leave the North Atlantic Alliance. He said this in an interview with The Washington Post columnist Mark Thyssen. At the same time, Trump emphasized that he would like other countries - members of the alliance to "pay their fair share." The American leader explained that, thanks to his efforts, eight NATO countries spend on defense 2% of GDP, but this is not enough. "- сообщает Russian information publication "".

Experts assess the words of the American leader as a very real threat to leave NATO, noting that a similar approach was played by Washington both upon withdrawal from the INF Treaty and upon withdrawal from the Open Skies Treaty, etc. Among other things, given the fact that Europe is currently openly demonstrating its provocative position to Russia, Trump is obviously aware that he currently has a real opportunity to force other NATO countries to either make every effort to ensure that the United States remains in the alliance, or but later independently try to settle relations with Russia.

These are dreams, but to realize them, money alone is not enough. It will take more than a decade to rebuild industry. And the military is giving birth to many new technologies, without which civilian industry cannot exist. Let's better on the principle - it works, it’s better not to touch

World defense spending exceeded $ 2019 trillion in 1,7. This money was enough to solve the problems of mankind, and imagine for 10 years we would all spend our money on medicine, science, education, the environment in PARADISE, but we must kill and burn resources for the sake of the ambitions of a small handful of people, it is easier to isolate them from society.

Like a lemon in tea, the United States needs to heal money from beating a power - the main thing in Europe! Nobody needs to think for himself, but he needs to be zombified from the USA! But the white robe from Europe, not like black in the USA, is kind and cannot fight - it’s exactly because the blacks called it: “white trash” and pay, of course, double now, then triple, etc. He is only white trash!

Choto business does not go apparently

Let the United States withdraw from NATO and Russia take this place.