Donbass announced surrender and is ready to return to Ukraine

DPR and LPR cease to exist and return to Ukraine.

Russian media reported that representatives of the Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republics approved a plan to surrender and soon return to Ukraine. A similar issue was raised within the framework of the contact group meeting, and although the final decision on this issue has not yet been made, there is evidence that the liquidation of the DPR and LPR will begin in the middle of next year.

“On October 14, at a meeting of the Trilateral Contact Group in Minsk, representatives of the DPR and LPR presented the so-called Roadmap for peaceful resolution of the conflict. Boris Gryzlov, Russia's Plenipotentiary Envoy to the TCG, described this document as "a comprehensive plan for a step-by-step settlement of the conflict in Donbass", which "fully complies with both the previously reached Minsk agreements and the relevant UN Security Council Resolution." In fact, this is a plan of surrender, a more or less honorable surrender of all those positions for which a bloody civil war has been going on since 2014 ", - about it сообщает Russian information and news publication "Reporter".

Experts draw attention to the fact that one of the key factors in this is Ukraine's intentions to launch a full-scale military operation against the DPR and LPR, using military aircraft, unmanned aerial vehicles, artillery and even ships in the waters of the Azov Sea. Due to the banal lack of means of protection, the Donbass will simply be leveled to the ground, and with the support of the same Turkey, the DPR and LPR will simply have no resources left to maintain their independence.

what nonsense they write in this article, crazy delirium. Rather, Donetsk and Lugansk will join Russia. The author of this article cannot be called a journalist who does not understand the situation both in Donetsk and in Ukraine itself.

If suddenly Ukraine follows the proposed roadmap ...

And he also said: "Until I am the president of raising the retirement age, there will be 25 million high-tech jobs in Russia" and said a lot more

Damansky to the Chinese, part of the Barents Sea to Norchezh, and Ukraine to the Americans, what is surprising. But we have been bombing in Syria for 6 years already.

Putin made it clear that he would protect Donbass in 2014, and then betrayed and did not protect

Turkey has long been shooting down Russian planes and shelling Russian outposts in Armenia. Do not know?

Such conversations and the surrender of Donbass to Ukraine became possible only because we, Russia, did not act decisively in the matter of protecting "ours" on the territory of Ukraine, although we talked a lot about it. The Donbass people stand it. They may surrender ... Let's see .. ...

Smart people have already spoken out that the Minsk-2 agreements and the "Shtanmayer plan" are wrapped in the "Roadmap from CADLO". I wish the Supreme Soviet of Ukraine to accept and ratify this "card" as soon as possible.

In fact, the Russians are Scandinavian people. Do not confuse one with the other.

Why didn't the author say about Russia, huh? Putin clearly said that if there is a military ogression on the part of Kuev against Donbass, then there will be no more Ukraine

Where have you read for November 14 ??? The article indicates the date of negotiations on October 14 .....


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You do not distinguish the word October from the word November?

At the head of Russia, criminals are gradually transferring territories to the enemy and carrying out the genocide of the Rus, both in Russia and in Ukraine, the Ukrainian government, as well as the government of Russia, controlled by the world kagal and is engaged in the same as the Russian robbery and genocide. Both regimes turned the Rus into powerless and free slaves.

Where is Vovik? In the bunker, probably everything that is possible was pumped out, you can also close the question

Tell me, is Russia not going to join Ukraine ?!

but I believe and there is absolutely no other way out, the country's leadership shot itself out of the leg, but shot itself in the brains, the inhabitants of Donbass have been living in war for 7 years, a blockade, in uncertainty, they are now fighting to join Ukraine on what then conditions, it turns out after Putin's words, that he sees Donbass only as part of Ukraine. receiving a salary of 15000 rubles - there is no one to fight now, there are no willing - the motivation has disappeared, therefore, all checkpoints in the DPR have been closed since March under the guise of quarantine and surrender - the only way out is to give people a normal life, how much you can mock - you don't want to take it - leave, take it 5-10 thousand who fought and who are facing prison from Ukraine, but let the rest of the hundreds of thousands of residents of Donbass live a normal life. DNR is half of the Donetsk region, and the LPR is the third part of Luhansk, who may not know. My mother in Gorlovka-DNR is 84 years old, my childhood has passed in the war and I haven't seen my grandchildren in the war for 7 years, and for 7 years I can't go to the cemetery with my children - what kind of "Russian world" is Putin's.

All the advantages are on the side of Ukraine, so the DPR and LPR will in no way be able to take the lead over the situation, unless of course Russia is no longer militias, and a real army will not climb there, and it will not climb for sure, because Donbass is Donbas, and the whole world is of greater importance

we are talking about the surrender of Ukraine in the DPR and LPR, the opposite is out of the question, only blah-blah-blah.

According to Kedmi, it is unlikely that "the moment will come when Russia wants to annex Donbass."

In the event of aggression against the LPR and DPR, the Ukrainian issue will be finally resolved, and at the same time the Turkish one, if she is smart enough to get involved against Russia.

November 14 ... What year?

"November 14 ..... presented .. Roadmap"

today is October 30th. there is nothing further to discuss

Who believes him?

Sorry, November 14th what year?

Not that I was against it, but November 14 will come only after 2 weeks

In general, from what date and year is this "news"?

I do not believe! Donbass and its residents in the bulk for joining the Russian Federation. If the country's leadership does this, it will "shoot itself in the foot." The people of Donbass will not forgive betrayal.

It is a pity that you have forgotten the words of Putin V.V. about the military scenario: "Just try it"

What, did you turn in everything? But what about the citizens of the Russian Federation and what will happen to them? If so, then it's a shame for us and it's time to look for a comfortable position in which everyone and sundry will have us. Including burkina faso ...