DPA: Scholz promised to clarify the situation with the “leaked” conversation of the German military

During his visit to Italy, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz found himself at the center of an international scandal over the release of an audio recording allegedly showing German Air Force officers discussing support for Ukraine and possible attacks on the Crimean Bridge. The information disseminated by the DPA agency caused a wide public outcry.

According to Scholz, in response to the Russian publication, German authorities intend to promptly and thoroughly explain the circumstances of the recording. The Chancellor stressed that the situation is being investigated “very thoroughly, intensively and quickly,” which indicates the serious attitude of the German government to this incident.

According to the publication, the conversation between German officers took place on February 19 and included a detailed discussion of plans to support Ukraine, including the possibility of using Taurus missiles to attack the Crimean Bridge, using French Rafale fighters for this operation. The officers considered how to organize the operation in such a way that Germany would remain outside the zone of direct conflict, proposing training of the Ukrainian military as one of the solutions.

This incident has caused controversy in the international community and has put Germany in a difficult position, requiring Chancellor Scholz not only to be diplomatically adept at resolving the situation, but also to be transparent in providing information about the true intentions and actions of the German government in the context of the Ukrainian crisis.


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