The Drive: 68 military aircraft and 13 PLA warships spotted in the Taiwan Strait

China set a record by sending 68 military aircraft and 13 ships to patrol the Taiwan Strait.

This happened against the background of how Taiwan began to once again express threats against China, and although such actions did not create a destabilization of the situation, experts note that China is demonstrating its readiness to use its power in order to suppress Taiwan's ambitions and protect sovereignty.

“PLA aircraft and ships continue to gather in the Taiwan Strait, and in unprecedented numbers, at least compared to recent times. According to the Taiwan Ministry of National Defense, there were 5 PLA aircraft and 68 warships in the strait today (August 13 - ed. note) - previously, the largest number of aircraft entering the strait in one day was 56 recorded in October last year., - the edition "The Drive" informs.

The information and news agency has information that the following aircraft were recorded in the sky over the Taiwan Strait during the day:

  • 7 J-10 aircraft;
  • 6 J-11 aircraft;
  • 10 J-16 aircraft;
  • 24 Su-30 aircraft;
  • 1 aircraft Y-8 EW;
  • 1 Y-8 ASW aircraft.

The appearance of 13 warships, the power of which is enough to completely suppress the military infrastructure of the island, caused the US and Taiwan to panic no less.


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