The Drive: Russia will try to capture the sunken F-35

F-35 fighter jet sunk in the South China Sea could be captured by Russia.

The Russian military may try to capture the sunken F-35 fighter jet in the South China Sea. The data on this subject are voiced by the journalists of The Drive, noting that today Russia has much more opportunities to be the first to get parts of a fifth-generation combat aircraft than the United States.

It is known that as a result of an unsuccessful landing on the deck of an aircraft carrier, the fighter fell into the water, however, after some time it completely sank. At the moment, a special operation is being carried out at the site of the incident, but the United States does not have the required equipment to carry out work to lift its combat aircraft. There is a very serious risk that Russia could get close to an American aircraft and get some of its parts, including on-board systems.

“The recovery of the aircraft will most likely become a top priority for the US Navy, if at all possible. A lost F-35C, especially if it was largely undamaged when it fell into the sea, could easily become an intelligence target for any foreign power with the means to recover it in whole or in part. Russia is particularly well known for having a small but highly capable fleet of special-purpose submarines, as well as specialized surface ships capable of performing deep-sea rescue and underwater espionage missions., - reports the American edition of "The Drive".

According to the data that journalists managed to find out, there are no Russian ships and submarines in this area, however, according to British media, during the incident with the F-35 fighter jet in the Mediterranean Sea, Russian submarines advanced to the crash site.


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