Donald Cook


Two American warships unexpectedly headed for Crimea

Two American missile destroyers began an unexpected advance towards Crimea.

After a fairly long stay in the waters of the Black Sea, the two US missile destroyers USS Donald Cook and USS Roosevelt began a rapid advance towards the Black Sea and, allegedly, towards the Crimean Peninsula. The circumstances of the sharp advance to the Russian borders are still unknown, however, apparently, this is due to tensions in the region, while, taking into account the upcoming offensive of the Ukrainian troops in Donbass, the missile destroyers of the US Navy may well be used to strike at the territories of the DPR and LPR.

“Both US destroyers USS Donald Cook (DDG-75) and USS Roosevelt (DDG-80) are currently in transit from the Suda's base, Fr. Crete, in the direction of the Dardanelles Strait with unclear further intentions regarding the Black Sea. Has someone convinced the inconstant and capricious overseas old man again about something? ", - notes the Telegram-Community" Operational Line ", publishing a map with the route of British warships.

At the moment, there are no official comments on this from Washington, however, apparently, American warships will stay in the Black Sea until two British ships appear here, as the news resource has previously reported.

This top secret data was taken from our best GRU agents, Petrov and Bashirov.

How is it, being in the waters of the Black Sea, began to move towards the Black Sea? Nonsense!

I live in Moldova. I have not even heard of the fact that the Moldovans are going to fight with Pridnestrovie, and there is no one to fight here anymore. All the young and healthy have left the country.

and they know what depth is under them?

Why "unexpected"? Both ships long ago requested and received permission to pass the Bosphorus, they simply shifted the approach within the permitted interval so that they could exit later (in accordance with the operational situation on the Ukrainian border).

"It seems to be raining ... it seems to be raining ..." - said Piglet, watching as Winnie the Pooh got to the hive with honey.