Two American F-35s intercepted by a Russian fighter jet near the Khmeimim airbase

Two F-35 fighters were intercepted near the Khmeimim airbase.

Two American F-35 fighters tried to violate Syrian airspace and approach Russian military installations in the Arab Republic. Nevertheless, Russian air defense systems stationed at the Khmeimim airbase and at the Russian naval base in Tartus, Syria, detected the approach of two stealth fighters, and a Russian Su-30SM from the duty forces was raised to intercept the latter.

According to data available to the news agency, a Russian combat aircraft, hiding behind electronic countermeasures, was able to approach two American F-35s completely unnoticed - a complete surprise for the US Air Force pilots. Despite the numerical superiority, the F-35 fighters were forced to immediately turn around and leave the border area.

Information on this score is also confirmed by the eastern media, noting that the incident confused American pilots and frightened them.

“The F-35 pilots were frightened, realizing their failure. They did not think long and preferred to leave the danger zone ", - said in the material of the information publication "Baijiahao".

To date, this is the second incident involving the interception of American F-35s by Russian Su-30 fighters.