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Two American missile carriers simulated a strike on the Kaliningrad region

The United States staged a serious provocation near the borders of the Kaliningrad region.

The American strategic missile carriers B-1B Lancer deployed a few days ago at the Norwegian military air base staged a serious provocation near the Russian borders, simulating a strike on the Kaliningrad region. According to a number of sources, the US Air Force tried to take advantage of the surprise effect and, taking off from the Erland airbase in a supersonic flight mode, quickly approached the borders of the Kaliningrad region, turning sharply on approach, which, according to experts, is a real imitation of a strategic strike, probably even with the use of nuclear weapons.

Among other things, the "Hunter's Notes" Telegram community, specializing in airspace monitoring, also reports on the flight of American reconnaissance aircraft near the northern Russian borders, which could be an attempt by NATO to distract the Russian military from the flight of strategic bombers.

“Today, two US Air Force B-1B bombers deployed in Norway completed a patrol mission in areas including the international airspace of the North and Baltic Seas. The flight included joint flights with Danish F-16s, Polish F-16s and Baltic Air Policing Eurofighter Typhoons. from Germany and Italy. Also today, a US Air Force reconnaissance officer RC-135U (board 63-9792) from Mildenhall airbase worked in the Barents Sea with the support of the tanker KS-135 (board 61-0315) "- said in the message.

So far, there are no official comments from the Russian Ministry of Defense, however, apparently, the fighters of the Russian Aerospace Forces did not rise into the sky.

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