Two warships of the Russian Navy intercepted an entire NATO aircraft carrier strike group off the coast of Great Britain

Two Russian warships chased ships of the British and American navies.

A few hours ago, the news agency Avia.pro found out that two Russian warships began to move into the concentration area of ​​a large NATO aircraft carrier strike group led by the British aircraft carrier Queen Elizabeth, due to London's threats to send its warships not only to the coast of Crimea, but also to work out the blockade of the Russian naval base in Tartus.

As follows from the information released by the British media, referring to the data of the British military, it took only a few hours to demonstrate the strength of the aircraft carrier strike group, after which the Russian military delivered their unexpected "blow", bursting directly into the area where the group was located and began collecting some information.

“More than 3700 sailors, military pilots and marines aboard ten aircraft carrier vessels said goodbye to their families, after which each of them departed separately to begin the military exercise“ Strike Warrior ”, which will serve as the“ final test ”before turn around properly at the end of the month. But strong rivals threaten the choppy waters ahead as the AUG travels across five seas and oceans and will visit 40 countries in the coming months. And now - just hours after leaving the port - two Russian warships off Scotland have intercepted the strike team, trying to gather some information about the aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth, which is bristling with its modern F-35B aircraft. General Intelligence Auxiliary Ships, believed to be owned by the Russian Northern Fleet and equipped with wiretapping and interception equipment, were spotted by a US Navy P-8 Poseidon patrol aircraft based in the RAF in Lossiemouth, south of Iceland and heading towards the west coast of Scotland. ", - reports the British edition "Daily Express".

Apparently, the UK was unable to resist the Russian warships, which angered both London and NATO quite a lot, as the Alliance's show of power was completely destroyed.

Our sailors are great guys, keep it up, Glory to Russia

and what, no one said anything about this ..?