US Air Force


Two US bombers invade Kuril airspace

American strategic bombers have entered the airspace over the Kuril Islands.

The American command, together with Japanese forces, worked out joint strikes on the territory of the Kuril Islands, in fact, entering the airspace of the Kuril ridge. Initially, it was assumed that at least two supersonic B-1B Lancer bombers intend to re-enter the airspace over the Sea of ​​Okhotsk, in connection with which the Russian Aerospace Forces were preparing to intercept possible intruders, however, the bombers headed for the Kuril ridge.

According to some reports, two American bombers performed two tasks at once - they flew to Eilson airbase and, at the same time, practiced striking the Russian Far East. At the moment, there is no information about the interception of American aircraft by fighters of the Russian Aerospace Forces, which are located on the territory of the Russian Kuril Islands, however, obviously, no violation of the state border was allowed.

It should be noted that at the moment the situation in all directions of the Russian border is developing very unfavorably - NATO ships and aircraft are creating serious provocations, including with the use of strategic aviation, obviously practicing an omnidirectional strike against key Russian military targets.

You are wrong. The two planes are so different in size and characteristics that it's ridiculous to talk about copying. Copying is when the c-47 transporter was copied and it turned out to be-2. A distant outward resemblance is not yet a sign of copying.

Aha with a stick or a stone!

This is B-1, not the White Swan

So they invaded or there were no border violations?

In fact or invaded? No need to write nonsense due to misunderstanding!)) If intruded, they would be shot down

in the photo just American bombers B-1B Lancer, they look like swans

why is there "Swans" in the photo, the Internet is full of B-52 pictures, and what does it mean "invaded" and "in fact", and obviously, "there was no violation of the state border" - 3 mutually exclusive nonsense at once

Actually, if you look closely at it - "Lancers" B-1 is

In the photo, just B-1B, they differ significantly from the Tu-160, take a closer look.

The Swans, in response to the B-2 raids from Britain, are just practicing launches of X-101, 102 on this island.

I am amazed at the sluggishness of our warriors. They slammed missiles and that's it. We do not provoke, we just defend our homeland.

You are wrong, these are American b1b lancers. Our tu160 was copied from him

And in the photo ours, "White Swan"

Do you have any information that no one knows about?

"in fact, having entered the airspace of the Kuril ridge" and "however, obviously, no violation of the state border was allowed" - these are four big differences, with completely different consequences for America.

With the same success, you can designate the entire Pacific Ocean by the space above the Kuriles. For the sake of a good word, I will not regret my father.