Two French fighters intercepted near Crimean airspace

A pair of French fighters were intercepted by Russian Su-27s near Crimean airspace.

A few hours ago, a rather mysterious incident took place near the airspace of the Crimea. According to the information available by the current hour at the disposal of the news agency, Russian air defense systems have noticed two French Mirage 2000 fighters approaching the borders of the Crimean Peninsula, according to sources, at a low altitude. France remains unknown, but the Russian Aerospace Forces immediately raised their Su-27 combat aircraft into the sky, which intercepted French fighters.

The circumstances of the appearance of a group of French fighters in this area remain unknown, however, the fact that NATO fighters tried to covertly approach the Russian borders indicates a possible escalation of the situation on the Russian borders. Nevertheless, the Russian Ministry of Defense reports that there was no violation of the state border.

“On May 2021, 2000, Russian airspace control devices over the neutral waters of the Black Sea detected air targets approaching the state border of the Russian Federation. The crews of Russian fighters identified the air targets as Mirage-XNUMX tactical aircraft of the French Air Force and escorted them over the Black Sea. ", - said in a statement.

It should be clarified that this is the third incident recorded with the appearance of French combat aircraft near the Crimea, however, if earlier French aircraft were accompanied by a tanker aircraft, this time the latter was not in the sky.