Italian Navy


Two Italian warships entered the Black Sea and headed towards Crimea

Two more NATO ships entered the waters of the Black Sea.

Against the backdrop of the ongoing provocative NATO exercises "Sea Breeze 21", two more NATO warships entered the waters of the Black Sea. According to the news agency, the two Italian warships immediately headed for the military exercise area. In particular, we are talking about a small area dividing the territory of Ukraine and Crimea, which does not exclude new provocations.

At the moment, it is known that Russia has sent its patrol vessels to escort NATO ships, and it is obvious that against the background of already three NATO attempts to violate Russian sea borders, incidents may be repeated with the ships of the Italian Navy.

According to the data available to, after the British missile destroyer Defender invaded Russian territorial waters, similar attempts were seen for the Dutch frigate Evertsen and the American missile destroyer Ross, which does not exclude the possibility that that such steps will be decided by the command of the Italian Navy.

Experts note that Russia will respond to such provocations by NATO with its own military exercises near the territorial waters of these countries.

Are the Italian ships painted with anything other than "USS Porter" or "Defender"? :)
We must do what it must, and discard doubts - the Russian coastal defense will do what it must.
We love Italy and their mentality, but we cannot protect them from their own stupidity. I hope the captains of the Italian ships will not do stupid things!

It seems that inside NATO there is absolutely no mutual information about the practice of conducting exercises by the forces of the navies of the alliance countries.

Two more targets on the radar Points !!! Escort provided - defeat in 2 minutes.



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