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Two Russian Su-35 fighters broke through Estonian airspace, ignoring F-35 fighters

A pair of Russian Su-35S fighters violated Estonian airspace.

The Estonian Ministry of Defense reports that a pair of Russian Su-35S fighters violated the country's airspace in the area of ​​Hiiumaa. It is reported that the Su-35S fighters stayed in the airspace of Estonia for about a minute, completely ignoring the presence of F-35 fighters of the Italian Air Force on the territory of this country.

According to some reports, the incident with the violation of the airspace of Estonia by a pair of Russian Su-35S fighters occurred after the fighters of the Russian Aerospace Forces completed the task of escorting a pair of Tu-160 strategic bombers during the latter's flight over the Baltic Sea, as previously reported by the news and information agency has already reported.

Remarkable is the fact that at least two F-35 fighters followed the Russian fighters, and two more fifth-generation fighters were at the Estonian military airbase - the Italian pilots did not have time to lift them into the air.

The Russian side has not yet responded to such accusations from the Estonian defense department, however, it is noteworthy that the Estonian side did not provide any evidence of a violation of its airspace, while accusations in this regard have not been heard for the first time.

What kind of aggression and provocation can we talk about, even if there was a flight through the territory of Estonia, then it is less than one minute !!! It takes more time to read the text about it.

Another word, what kind of Breakthrough)) Directly overcame air defense))

Another stuffing. As usual, there is no evidence supported by technical means of monitoring. The maximum is applied to such stuffing "According to information taken from Facebook ...".

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Such an act can only be called aggression and provocation.

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I don’t understand one thing, what have Estonia and Japan to do with it? Did the author study geography?