Two Russian Tu-142s staged an unpleasant surprise near US borders

Two Russian Tu-142 planes gave the Americans their first surprise in 2021.

Tonight, two Russian long-range anti-submarine Tu-142 aircraft flew to the American borders, thereby arranging a rather unpleasant surprise for the US Air Force - the Russian aircraft were not noticed in advance, and therefore fifth generation fighters had to be raised to identify them and the probable interception of the US Air Force F-22, however, it is reported that Russian aircraft did not violate the boundaries of US airspace.

“At approximately 19:00 pm ET, NORAD forces in Alaska identified and traced two Russian Tu-142 naval patrol aircraft entering the Alaska air defense identification zone. The aircraft remained in international airspace and did not enter the sovereign airspace of the United States and Canada. ", - said in a statement.

The representatives of the defense department did not report the purpose of the flight of two Russian long-range anti-submarine Tu-142 aircraft, however, given the entry into the waters of the Black Sea of ​​an American missile destroyer, such actions of the Russian Aerospace Forces may be a response to US provocations.


An unpleasant surprise? It would be if it turned out that the carcasses are accompanied by not noticeable drying

Nobody has seen them before - nothing

After that, nobody saw the Tu-142