Two Russian Tu-160s unexpectedly appeared at the southern borders of the United States

Two Russian strategic missile-carrying Tu-160 bombers unexpectedly appeared near the southern borders of the United States.

The American air defense system malfunctioned. As a result, two Russian strategic missile-carrying Tu-160 bombers unexpectedly appeared near the southern border of the United States. The appearance of Russian aircraft carrying nuclear weapons turned out to be so unpredictable for the Pentagon that there was simply nothing to intercept Russian bombers with.

As follows from the information provided, a pair of Russian strategic missile-carrying Tu-160 bombers unexpectedly appeared right off the coast of Florida. US Air Force fighters did not rise to escort and intercept Russian bombers, however, this is primarily due to the factor of surprise, as well as the fact that the United States lacks the forces for a rapid response in this area. In the event of a real military conflict, this would make it possible to destroy the main strategic centers of the United States without the slightest threat to Russia.

Journalists, in turn, note that even if the United States had raised its fighters into the air, strategic bombers could have escaped pursuit in afterburner mode.

“Tu-160 is excellent in all aspects - speed, carrying capacity, weapon power. However, this is not all. One of his strongest trump cards was the ability to evade pursuit. A pair of Russian Tu-160 bombers flew close to Florida and the US Air Force did not even try to intercept them. ", - reports the publication "Sohu", talking about the situation at the border of the United States.

It should be noted that Russia will soon receive a few more strategic bombers Tu-160 into service. This indicates that these aircraft are promising.

to break away from those who took off to intercept, you can only change the course! goal achieved carcasses drove away.

This seems to be true.

And you don't need to knock them down. Just fly out to intercept. And then even this was not done. In short, they missed it. Even if they flew to intercept, then the Carcasses would easily break away from them

"You weren't expecting us, but we stuck ..."
Get used to it, in short ...

Nobody will bring them down)

you burn, "soon" is the sacred of not brothers. Ie never.

Has the States already surrendered? If not, then in fact they can shoot at airplanes. I took out the barrel and shoot, or they will put you down. Apparently all over, they will soon discourage the hunt to show off.

Must inform readers. We have no time for Russians. In the United States, the state before the Civil War. My friend Vladimir and I are trying to distract people with NATO talks. This allows us to scare ordinary Americans with the Russian threat and rally them. Our peoples are very similar in their difficulties.



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