Two Russian heavy fighters violate Danish airspace

Denmark accused Russia of violating its airspace.

A few hours ago, the Danish Defense Ministry announced that a pair of Russian Su-30SM heavy fighters, which, according to some sources, were flying with transponders turned off, violated the country's airspace. To counter Russian combat aircraft, F-16 fighters were raised into the sky, however, when approaching the Russian Su-30SM, the latter had already left the country's airspace and moved away from the Danish borders for a considerable distance.

According to information released by the Danish Ministry of Defense, the incident occurred on June 11 between 11:08 and 11:42 am. At the same time, it is argued that the crews of the Russian fighters did not respond to warnings. According to a number of data, we are talking about two violations during the day.

“Such violations of the Danish airspace are very rare, and two cases on the same day can be called a serious incident. There should be no doubt that this type of violation is unacceptable. ", - said in the message of the Danish Defense Ministry.

Representatives of the Danish Ministry of Defense emphasize that the violation of the country's airspace is associated with the military exercises "Baltops 2021" being held in the Baltic Sea


Russia is conducting its exercises in response to the Scandinavian .. They themselves admitted it

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